Benefits administration

Take a people-centric approach to benefits while simplifying administration.

Striking the right balance, getting the right benefits

As a major line item in any large businesses' budget, getting benefits administration right is a balancing act weighing expense, effort, and benefit to both employees and the company. With ADP, finding that balance gets easier.

ADP’s platform is designed to help companies address the four C’s of benefits administration:

  • Cost – Weigh and evaluate the cost of benefits options - including how much of the burden is carried by employees and the company
  • Compliance – With high stakes and financial risks, getting compliance right is important – especially for businesses working across state and national borders
  • Culture – The right benefits contribute directly to employee’s well-being which has direct implications on job and company performance
  • Consumerism – Help workers understand their options and make choices that help keep their family healthy and prepare them for the future

Offer the choices and tools employees want

ADP® has designed an intuitive and people-centric platform to help employees get the most from their benefits while assisting in reducing your overall administrative burden. Plus, ADP can help you ensure you're offering benefits only to eligible employees.

  • Simplified open enrollment
  • Helpful guidance for benefits selection
  • Side-by-side plan comparisons
  • Employee communications and publicity
  • Total compensation statements
  • Reimbursement and spending accounts
  • Retirement services
  • HR service center

“Benefits are one of our top pushes to bring top talent to our corporation. Just having the capability to push out notifications, have online open enrollment and easy access to documents [through the ADP system] is great.”

Chelle Turner, Benefits Manager, Franklin Electric

Mobile-first and consumer-friendly: What today's workforce expects

Smartphones have brought employers entirely new ways to engage with their workforce. With ADP Benefits, employees can turn to their mobile phones and tablets to:

  • Complete annual benefits enrollment
  • View total benefit value statements
  • Access existing and future benefit elections
  • View retirement, HSA, FSA and other contributions' balances

Employee benefits services

ADP's benefits management platform is a comprehensive solution to help with all aspects of benefits administration, including:

  • Eligibility and enrollment
  • Dependent verification and auditing
  • Private exchange set-up
  • Premium distribution and carrier enrollment
  • Print and fulfillment
  • COBRA benefits
  • Analytics and decision support

Compliance locally, regionally, and nationally

From the ACA to FMLA, we'll help you meet local, regional, and national compliance obligations. Services include:

  • Compliance and Regulatory Affairs
  • Guidance on leave of absence
  • Support for ACA compliance and reporting

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