Aspire to Inspire Tools for Inspirational Leadership

Every company wants employees who are committed to achieving goals, managing expenses, and delivering results. After all, an inspired, productive workforce is a powerful differentiator in the marketplace. The ability to inspire doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but if it’s a trait you aspire to, it can be developed. Yet, according to a Gallup Poll, only one-third of U.S. workers are truly inspired at work — and that figure hasn’t changed in more than a decade.1

What inspires today’s workforce?

Before that question can be answered, business owners and leaders need to understand that, even though overall worker engagement hasn’t changed in a decade, the employment landscape has. These changes include:

A shift from “product” to “consumer experience,” which can be defined as the interaction a customer has with a product and the people representing it.

Increased employee collaboration and work autonomy as key employment differentiators that strongly factor into engagement.

A shift to self-motivation. Gallup studies show that employees work hardest when they believe in their company’s mission and values.2

These changes demonstrate the need for inspiring leaders. Managers can no longer rely on paychecks, traditional leadership skills, and simply issuing directives to drive performance. The ability to inspire employees is a critical attribute of successful leadership.

Seven inspiring habits

Effective leaders have the ability to energize those around them and cultivate engagement. They inspire their teams, and that inspiration extends to the front line. In today’s marketplace, strengthening your ability to inspire will give you an edge on the competition.

In his book Fire Them Up, speaker/author Carmine Gallo notes that the most inspiring leaders exhibit seven key habits that build more engaged teams. Here’s how to I.N.S.P.I.R.E.3

In addition to the INSPIRE actions, take a look at the Bain Inspirational Leadership model that follows.4 Leaders who want to become more inspiring should identify the traits in this chart they already possess and work to develop new traits that can help them achieve their goals.

While inspiration is an intangible, it’s an important part of the package. Along with inspiring words, be sure you also provide a work experience that leads to tangible productivity. Leadership is critical to any successful business, but the ability to inspire can propel you to a higher level. When you inspire your workers, you encourage every member of the team to want the business to succeed as much as you do.

Need more inspiration?

ADP® can help you create a more inspiring workplace. From leadership training to culture revitalization, you can partner with us to learn and leverage proven strategies.

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