“RUN makes payroll
+ HR easier than
I ever imagined it
could be.”

Who’s using RUN?
Small businesses just like yours.

Think ADP is too big for you? Think again. We work with more than 500,000 small businesses,
most of which have under 10 employees. We understand the challenges you face.

Starting out smart

It feels great to start a business, but it’s so frustrating to get pulled away by all the administrative stuff.

Got a big idea? Join the 70,000+ single-person startups that turn to RUN to help manage payroll and HR so they can focus on taking their businesses to the next level.

MyCheck | New York City
–Dror Iakob, Co-Founder

Partnering with ADP solved three key first-year issues: making sure that everything with employees stays in compliance, controlling HR and payroll with one easy system, and, when I run into a problem, I can call and ask, ‘What’s the right way to do it?’

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Switching made easy

Normal customer service hours just don’t cut it.

As a small business owner, there are thousands of decisions you have to make. And sometimes you don’t always get them right the first time. You’re not alone. Countless small business owners just like you have made the seamless switch to RUN.

BreezeIT | Southern California / Arizona
Brandon McKennon, Co-Founder / Partner

With [another payroll processor], our employees weren’t getting paid on the day that payroll was due. When we moved back to ADP, it was beyond easy. The transition was great. It was flawless.

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Join the list of over 500,000 small businesses that trust RUN.

  • Restaurants

  • Startups

  • Retailers

  • Manufacturing

  • Consulting

Accountants love RUN, too.

Learn why thousands of accountants use RUN Powered by ADP®
Payroll for Partners designed specifically for accountants and their clients.
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