Genpak is a leader in manufacturing for food packaging products. Founded in 1969, the company has been serving restaurants of all sizes for more than 50 years. In manufacturing, hiring and retention tend to be a constant challenge, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, when delivery and takeout was booming, Genpak faced a hiring and retention challenge unlike anything they’d ever seen before. They turned to a partnership with ADP Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for help.

We have added confidence knowing we have a phenomenal behind-the-scenes team now that we are set up. It’s been a great partnership overall.

Serena Fiscella

Serena Fiscella, Corporate Human Resources Projects Manager


  • Recruiting and hiring

How ADP Helped

  • ADP RPO helped find and hire qualified employees

Dealing with high turnover

Patrick: As a manufacturing company, we know that no matter how good technology gets we will never get to a point where we can do this job without human beings. We lost a lot of people during the pandemic. In the past, we used a staffing agency to select employees, but if 50 people were onboarded it would be a miracle if two of them stayed. I felt like I was constantly chasing my tail. When we decided to partner with RPO, we also decided to implement ADP Recruiting Manager for our applicant tracking technology. The recruiting side of the product was an excellent added bonus, since we didn’t have anything in place for that before.

Serena: We were at the point where we just had to bring in whoever applied no matter what the circumstances were. We needed people that badly. Before partnering with RPO, each of our plants was basically doing their own thing for hiring and onboarding, so it was an inconsistent and disjointed process. Plus, there was no dedicated recruiting staff, which meant it was an extra load that fell on the HR managers. We hadn’t invested in recruiting technology either, so everything was manual and super time consuming. Due to our manual processes, we also lacked good reporting. There was no source of truth when it came to the data, and this was an additional area we wanted to improve.

Partnering with ADP RPO

Patrick: Over time, these issues added up to a challenge that we needed to solve. Leadership was noticing the high turnover rate and we just couldn’t get a handle on the data — no one was able to track it. We knew we had to make a change, and that’s when we decided to partner with RPO.

When we did the roll out of the applicant tracking system, I turned to Serena and said, “I cannot for the life of me figure out why the buildout of this system has gone so smoothly.” Before my role at Genpak, I’d been a part of other system buildouts like this, and there were always issues. When the implementation team was getting us set up, it was very clear this wasn’t their first rodeo. Even when we had special requests, they were extremely receptive and did what was necessary to make it happen.

Serena: They gave us a test environment for the applicant tracking system and that really helped because I knew we could get in there and play around. Knowing it was a test system and you weren’t going to break anything gave us a high comfort level. We have added confidence knowing we have a phenomenal behindthe-scenes team now that we are set up. It’s been a great partnership overall.

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