The world of work moves fast — and, with it, so do employee expectations. As an employer, if you aren’t adapting, you’ll be left behind. Your first move is to take a look at what motivates people in today’s workplace. Then you can determine if an employer-employee disconnect exists in your organization — and take action to address it.

Our guide, Keeping Pace with the Evolution of Work, provides you with a view into what inspires people at work today and how you can win over the best talent.

You will learn best practices for attracting top talent, helping your people excel, and giving them reasons to stay including:

  • Taking a closer look at your culture

    Make sure you’re telling the right story and engaging your people, to share and support your talent strategy.

  • See who your people recommend

    Great people know great people, so tap into your employees’ networks for new hires.

  • Don’t keep them waiting

    Move forward with open two-way communication at a pace that works for both your organization and the candidate once you have a promising candidate in your interview and hiring pipeline.

  • Focus on what employees really want

The top five factors that appeal to job seekers – career development, work hours, the work itself, company reputation, and flexibility – show that money isn’t the only thing that matters.

Download Keeping Pace with the Evolution of Work.