Before Smoothie King franchisee owner Shara Gilkey and her husband opened their store in January of 2020, they explored several industries and franchise models. They chose Smoothie King because the couple truly believes in the company’s product line and vision. Most of all, “Smoothie King really fits with our lifestyle,” she says. Smoothie King Corporate introduced the Gilkeys to ADP as a payroll/HR partner as part of the latter’s two-week manager certification training – which covers franchisee ownership responsibility from HR to inventory. “Corporate offered ADP as an effective solution: payroll and everything that goes along with that, like managing taxes and regulatory filings,” she says. “That aspect of the business was foreign to us, but not with ADP helping.” Listen in below to hear more from Shara and why Smoothie King loves ADP.

We needed ADP to help create an employee handbook because we didn’t know where to start .

Shara Gilkey, Franchisee
Smoothie King


  • Streamline onboarding of new franchisees and provide them with resources to run a successful franchise.

How ADP helped

  • Affordable payroll, tax filing and relevant HR services, such as a handbook wizard and HR Compliance help.