Many organizations need help with global payroll due to its advanced and intricate requirements. In fact, managing global payroll is so complex that 56 percent of senior payroll leaders at multinational organizations say they lack visibility into payroll performance, accuracy and other data across their international locations.1 That’s a serious problem, but it can be solved.

Four advantages of a global payroll solution

  1. Comprehensive data analysis
    Armed with a global payroll solution, organizations can assess the actual cost of payroll on a per-country basis and explore the impacts of obligations, such as employer statutory payroll taxes.
  2. Reduced compliance risks and costs
    With the right global payroll solution, organizations can avoid compliance costs of $6.6 million on average.2
  3. Improved payroll efficiency
    In small markets, the right solution can help enterprises increase payroll efficiency by up to 75 percent, freeing up resources for higher-value tasks.1
  4. Better employee retention
    A global payroll solution can provide a single source of truth for salary, benefits and pay data, no matter where employees are, making it easier to retain talented people and drive return on investment (ROI).

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