Workplace dynamics in 2023 are beginning to solidify after three years of pandemic-driven disruptions. Yet, the sense that workers want – and need – a lot from their job is stronger than ever. The latest People at Work survey from ADP Research Institute® found that employees most value the following:

  • Compensation that keeps pace with rising living costs and makes them feel valued for their efforts
  • Work that satisfies them personally and professionally and gives them the flexibility they have come to expect in recent years
  • A supportive company culture that strives for fairness and inclusivity
  • Employers who invest in their futures via proactive career development and training opportunities

Download People at Work 2023 for the full results of the study, which surveyed 32,612 workers in 17 countries. By understanding the worker mindset as it is today and as it continues to evolve, you can better navigate workplace complexities, appeal to top talent and drive business success.