Dell Technologies creates technologies that drive human progress. From hybrid cloud solutions and high-performance computing to ambitious social impact and sustainability initiatives, Dell Technologies operates in two main segments, the Infrastructure Services Group and the Consumer Services Group, serving 96 percent of the Fortune 500. Learn how Dell Technologies partners with ADP to build and execute its global payroll strategy.

The ADP Global Insights Dashboard is absolutely incredible. At a glance, I’m able to see the health metrics of the organization. We currently have 20 ADP GlobalView countries on the dashboard and when our 25 ADP Celergo countries go live on the platform, I'll have access to the gross-to-net payroll and head count trends across 45 countries and regions all on one dashboard.

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Lisa Giglio, Vice President Global Payroll Strategy and Operations, HR Mergers and Acquisitions
Dell Technologies


  • As a multi-national organization with locations across the world, Dell needed a consolidated view of payroll functions and compliance concerns to monitor the health metrics of the organization.

How ADP helped:

  • Partnering with ADP allows payroll operations to run lean across all locations. This automation enables a high level of productivity and improved processes that helps Dell achieve more strategic initiatives, remain compliant and protect the security of their data.


Lisa Giglio, Vice President Global Payroll Strategy and Operations, HR Mergers and Acquisitions

It started with one of the biggest mergers in U.S. history

One of the first things we did was launch a new HCM system, replacing all our interfaces with ADP. In the U.S., we’re on ADP Enterprise HR and are on pay@work in Canada. We have 20 countries on ADP GlobalView Payroll and now, we have 25 countries on ADP Celergo spread across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). ADP is our primary partner in 47 countries, servicing over 110,000 team members, which is over 80 percent of our global workforce.

High-level automation drives efficiency

The new Enterprise HR dashboards present the information in such a meaningful way for our payroll analyst to review and sign off on the payroll results each week. The level of automation that we have from our HR system and all our benefit and financial vendors is just incredible. We also use ADP SmartCompliance for wage garnishment and tax services — two functions where we rely heavily on ADP’s expertise to help make sure we’re compliant.

The 20 countries we have on ADP GlobalView have custom-built integrations, and we recently launched the general ledger setup so ADP can share files directly with Dell. We have 25 countries now on ADP Celergo, our newest offering, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the solution.

Partnering with ADP has improved our processes, allowing us to achieve more strategic initiatives. Our payroll operations are lean, and the automation enables a very high level of productivity.

MyADP and MyPay enable employee self-service across the globe

Our team members love the ADP Mobile experience. Employees can answer their own questions and see the benefits Dell is providing to them. In the U.S., the W-4 and direct deposit processes are both within the same user experience, so it’s one place to go for all their payroll needs. I personally love the compare feature, it makes it easy for employees to see what’s changed on a paycheck-by-paycheck basis.

A trusted partnership

We value our relationship and partnership with ADP. As a global company, we rely on ADP’s state-of-the-art and robust global security organization to help ensure that we’re compliant and our data is secure. Security is absolutely key, and we trust ADP to help protect our team members' confidential information.

We’re always focused how we can be early adopters of ADP’s latest technologies. I’m so proud to be amongst my peers on the client advisory board, having early insight into ADP’s offerings and providing feedback on ADP solutions.

On winning the Global Solutions at Work award

We couldn’t be more thrilled to receive the Global Solutions at Work award. It’s a tribute to our partnership, the 47 countries we operate in and the over 110,000 team members we pay regularly. It’s also a recognition that we’re always at the forefront of the latest innovations in our partnership with ADP.

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