Highlighting the benefits of human capital management (HCM) is an important part of convincing leaders, key decision-makers and colleagues that it’s a good investment. To assist you, we created a step-by-step template that explains how the right HCM system may support business strategies, make employees more successful and promote growth.

HCM Business Case

The presentation’s key steps include:

  1. Define business goals with an HCM requirements checklist
  2. Outline the HCM evaluation process
  3. Present findings
  4. Demonstrate solutions
  5. Review pricing
  6. Evaluate return on investment and business impact
  7. Determine next steps and implementation

This information serves as a starting point that you can build on with charts, graphs and other details unique to your business model that showcase the benefits of human capital management. Download our HCM evaluation business case template and make a winning proposal or learn more about the HCM buying process.