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HR Outsourcing Services from ADP TotalSource.

Adapt to new challenges and evolving objectives with a strategic approach to HR outsourcing. Through people and technology, ADP TotalSource, a PEO, provides comprehensive, hands-on support across employee benefits, payroll, compliance, risk management, safety, recruiting, and more. Partnering with us means you’ll gain the unique scale and control you need to meet your biggest business challenges and workforce demands with confidence.

Here’s how we help businesses like yours transform.

Stay ahead with strategic HR.

Your business, the competition, and your employees are all changing fast.
Whether you’ve been in business 90 years or 90 days, you need to anticipate and respond quickly
to whatever comes next. Smart HR strategies with ADP TotalSource help you do exactly that.

Custom HR strategies

mean you can stay lean, nimble, and competitive

Dedicated expert guidance

means you can handle sensitive employee situations with confidence

Personalized insights

mean you can understand your workforce trends and make better decisions

Competitive benchmarking

means you can stay ahead of your local and national competition

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Power your people with modern benefits.

To maintain success, you need to inspire your staff to greatness. But that can be a challenge with your increasingly diverse workforce. Rethinking how you provide benefits to your employees across their health, wealth, life, and work can help you recruit today’s top talent, and engage employees throughout their entire career.





Fortune 500®-caliber benefits
mean you can support diverse employee needs and attract top talent

Modern technology
means your employees can easily enroll and access their benefits info—any time, from any device

Recruiting support
means you can attract the most qualified people for your business

Online job training
means you can support the growth of your people

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Human Resources powered by modern software.

  • Modern HR
  • Great Benefits
  • Dependable Payroll
  • Better Decisions
  • Easy Recruiting

HR that empowers you to make the most of every business day.

 Clock in and out right from our appWe help you keep your business compliant with timely alerts

The best people flock to businesses that provide competitive benefits.

 ADP helps you hand pick Fortune 500-caliber benefits that get your employees excited.Get information at your fingertips from benefit plans to vacation hours.

The weight of doing it all, lifted.

 Get a dedicated payroll specialist who helps you how and when you need.Payroll processing and tax filing with compliance you can depend on.

Realize the power of knowing, instead of guessing.

 Our advice is backed by data and decades of HR expertise.Your ADP HR expert guides you in the right direction, at the right time.

To win the best talent, you’ve got to compete.

 ADP helps you hand pick Fortune 500-caliber benefits that get your employees excited.Get information at your fingertips from benefit plans to vacation hours.

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Keep your business and your people safe with risk and compliance expertise.

They take up hours of your day, and keep you up at night: Health Care Reform, employment regulations, safety standards, workers’ compensation, timely reporting, and more. Gain peace of mind knowing that ADP TotalSource is helping you keep your business compliant and protected.

Health Care Reform guidance

means you’ll have dedicated specialists interpreting requirements and helping you meet compliance requirements.

Legislation monitoring

means you’ll know which laws are coming and how they affect you so you can plan accordingly.

A customizable safety program

means you’ll get guidance to help you make your worksite safer and reduce workers’ compensation risk

EPL insurance and a legal defense benefit

mean you can mitigate financial exposure for covered employee claims and lawsuits

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Focus on your business with a comprehensive HR partner.

HR is complex and time-consuming. What if you could have support exactly when you need it, how you need it, where you need it? With ADP TotalSource as your co-pilot, we’ll help you make sure your HR bases are covered. That means you can stop wondering and stressing—and focus on running your business.





Comprehensive HR
means stress-free benefits, payroll, compliance, risk management, safety, recruiting, and more

Administrative support
means you can focus time and energy elsewhere, while maintaining a lean team

Industry expertise
means you’ll receive guidance from specialists to help you keep your business risk in check and take care of your employees

A service center
means your employees can speak with a real person whenever they have a question

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