Financial wellness

Put financial wellness, money management and spending flexibility into every employee's hand.

A path to financial wellness

Financial wellness comes from financial literacy combined with innovative tools that help employees to get the most from every dollar - today and in the future. Wisely features move employees toward financial wellness.

Employees keep more of their money

Wisely delivers many traditional bank-like features without the fees banks often charge. We don’t charge any overdraft fees because we will not allow you to overdraw your card2. The app can also be used to access the largest surcharge-free ATM network in the payments industry.

The average bank user pays $500/year in fees.3 Wisely can help cardholders pay less in fees, and keep more money in their pocket.

Tracking spending is easy

Wisely helps cardholders understand their spending habits. Purchases can be organized into categories that help them track activity over time. Convenient reports help with financial planning and budgeting.

Creating a place for saving

Wisely includes a section for establishing savings goals and setting aside money for future needs. The app can even prompt employees to save, helping them develop smart financial habits.

Helping employees make smart financial choices

With alerts, security features and promotions built into the app, employees gain greater financial literacy whenever they use Wisely.

Employee financial wellness benefits employers too

Financial stress hurts worker productivity - which can cost your company. It’s a problem projected to grow in coming years.


of employees say that financial concerns cause them the most stress in life. 1


of employees say that financial concerns have been a distraction at work. 1

is the average time employees spend thinking about financial concerns. 1

Wisely makes it easy for employees to:

Manage their money by depositing compensation from multiple sources, transferring funds, finding nearby ATMs and making purchases online, in-store, peer-to-peer or over the phone.*

Plan for the future with tools for saving money, tracking spending habits, and achieving financial wellness. Companion cards for friends and family are free, too.

Rest easy knowing their money protected. Built-in features like advanced fraud protection, card locking, and biometric safeguards protect you and your employees.

Stay informed about all the special promotions, deals and sweepstakes for Wisely cardholders.

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1. Source:

2. Because the card is prepaid, you can only spend what is on the card and thus are unable to overdraft.

3. Source:, August 2019, Average banking fees.


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