Earned Wage Access

Attract top talent by giving employees faster1 access to their already earned wages without disrupting your regular payroll.

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Support your core business strategy with earned wage access

Earned wage access is free for employees through Wisely and can give them greater control over their money to better help them make ends meet. There are no fees for your business, giving you more power to:

  • Attract top talent and reduce turnover in competitive labor markets
  • Improve productivity by alleviating financial stress on employees, which can be a distraction at work
  • Maintain payroll integrity with no separate payroll cycles, no additional withholding, paper statements, funding or money movement required

What is earned wage access and how does it work?

Earned wage access allows employees to tap into their income as they earn it rather than waiting for a traditional payday. Here’s how it works:

Employees' wage balances accrue for every hour they work

Employees access a portion of their earned pay in the myWisely app

Employers run payroll as usual with nothing to adjust—and Wisely reconciles the employees’ already-accessed wages on payday

Improve employee financial wellness through earned wage access

When your employees are confident in their finances, they’ll be more engaged at work. Even so, unexpected bills and expenses that occur in between pay cycles can create financial stress. Earned wage access helps to alleviate these burdens—and any negative impact to your workplace—because it helps employees:

  • Avoid overdraft fees2 and short-term, high-interest loans
  • Achieve peace of mind knowing that they have a backup plan for emergency expenses
  • Access available earned wages without needing manager intervention or HR approval


Earned wage access insights

Attract and retain top talent with Earned Wage Access


Attract and retain top talent with Earned Wage Access

10 Reasons to Love Earned Wage Access


10 Reasons to Love Earned Wage Access

Why Employees and Employers Love Earned Wage Access


Why Employees and Employers Love Earned Wage Access

Earned wage access FAQs

What is EWA?

EWA or earned wage access is the ability for employees to access a portion of their already earned wages, if needed, outside of a traditional pay cycle. It’s also sometimes referred to as early pay, instant pay or on-demand pay.

Is earned wage access a loan?

Earned wage access is not a loan. It is income earned for every hour already worked.

How do my employees access their wages early?

Employees can easily request their earned wages right from their myWisely mobile app3. The available balance at any given time is based in part on the individual’s regular compensation and hours worked to date during the pay period. The EWA transfer is free for Wisely members.

Does earned wage access affect how I process my payroll?

Employee requests for earned wages are completely outside your payroll operation, which means there’s no payroll processing change required from your side. You can continue to run your regular payroll with the same withholding, pay statements, etc.

Why would a company offer earned wage access?

Providing employees with early access to their wages can help them cover unexpected expenses and avoid overdraft fees. This financial benefit, in turn, may lead to improved productivity and engagement in the workplace and can be used to attract new talent.

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1. Faster and easier access to funds is based on comparison of traditional banking policies and deposit of paper checks versus deposits made electronically and the additional methods available to access funds via a Card as opposed to a paper check.

2. Because this card is prepaid, you can only spend what is on the card and thus are unable to overdraft.

3. Standard message and data rates may apply.

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