Boosting Diversity With Millennials

Innovation-focused companies that want to succeed in attracting and retaining diverse top talent should pay very close attention to the changes millennials are bringing to the workforce. This demographic is projected to comprise the majority of the workforce within the next decade. For organizations that want to recruit millennial job seekers – and every company will need to – it’s important to understand exactly what makes millennials tick.

  • Millennial Job Seekers: Not only is this generation large, it’s racially and ethnically diverse. This group cares about diversity, company ethics and giving back to their communities. In order to attract and retain this generation, finding ways to make work engaging will be essential.
  • Job-hopping Millennials: Millennials often work multiple jobs in their first few years of adulthood. An organization that offers a variety of assignments, training sessions and clear pathways to increased responsibilities will be more likely to attract and retain these individuals.
  • Mobile, Social Millennials: Millennials are the most digitally connected generation. Companies that can connect with candidates on a variety of platforms and maintain flexibility for their employees are more likely to draw the attention and engagement of millennial candidates.

Diverse, innovation-driven cultures don’t spring up overnight. Companies that develop a reputation for being diverse employers are more likely to attract the top talent that will take them to the next level in the years to come.

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