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Human Capital Management for Government & Education: Better technology for a bigger impact

Your Human Capital Management (HCM) functions can put a significant burden on your systems, resources and budget — but they don’t have to. Through a combination of innovative software and superior service for government and education organizations, ADP helps you make the best use of resources by improving efficiencies, streamlining workflows and significantly reducing costs associated with payroll, tax filing, time tracking, talent management and benefits administration. As a result, you’ll free up valuable resources to focus on other mission critical opportunities that will positively impact your people, organization, constituents and communities.

Meet the needs of your changing workforce with fast, flexible, user-friendly technology.

More than any other sector, government and education organizations are saddled with outdated technology and incompatible systems. With ADP, you get leading technology to help you attract, engage and optimize your workforce.

User-friendly, intuitive and all-in-one, ADP’s innovative HCM platform can help you:

  • Eliminate the burden of legacy technology and ensure all your HR functions work seamlessly together
  • Easily manage critical employment records and free up your team’s valuable time
  • Harness the power of mobile for employees and managers with innovative web-based applications
  • Protect sensitive data with state-of-the-art security standards

Integrate data to minimize compliance risk and maximize decision-making.

Say goodbye to manually mining data from multiple systems. With ADP, you can consolidate reporting and integrate employee data across HCM functions in one place. A single view means you can make smarter decisions, faster — and turn HR into a strategic asset as opposed to an administrative burden.

With ADP, you get:

  • A single view of critical analytics across your organization for actionable, real-time decision-making
  • Easy-to-use dashboards that let you view your data in ways that are most meaningful to you and your specific role or organization
  • The ability to track and manage compliance risk and requirements more effectively, including those associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Save more time and money with a single strategic partner.

With budgets tighter than ever, Government and Education organizations at all levels are being forced to reduce staffing, cut services and minimize support. ADP helps you integrate and automate all your HR functions — from payroll and tax filing to benefits administration — for a significant reduction in costs. In fact, organizations that outsource their HCM functions to a single strategic partner save an average of 40%1, not to mention the hours saved each week by automating and allocating transactional and administrative tasks.

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Put ADP to work for you

More than 5,000 government and education organizations count on ADP to help them manage their workforce more effectively and efficiently.

With the help of single, proven HCM partner, you can:

  • Capture significant cost savings by integrating and automating HR, payroll, time tracking and benefits
  • Improve productivity with innovative technology that streamlines systems and processes
  • Better manage compliance risk with clear visibility into real-time workforce data and analytics

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1 On average, organizations that take advantage of ADP's HRBPO solution can reduce their total cost of ownership by 40 percent. Sourcing Analytics Study



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