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Time and Labor Management Software:
Take the Work Out of Tracking Your Labor Needs

Workforce management has changed. You’ve got distributed teams, remote workers, employees on the move, spread across time zones, or even country borders. At the same time, tracking and reporting on time and attendance is more demanding than ever. How can you reconcile this new world of work with the world of newer – and more stringent – compliance requirements?

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Overtime & FLSA

Changes to overtime regulations may have major impacts on your business and labor costs.

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New Pressures Require New Strategies

ADP’s industry-leading Time and Labor management software gives you a proven solution to schedule and track hours worked and paid time off. Now you can satisfy wage and hour reporting requirements more quickly and easily by being able to:

  • Better operate in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment, and meet the complexity, confusion and compliance challenges associated with Health Care Reform
  • Align labor with business goals while helping to control costs
  • Adapt to changing business conditions
  • Accommodate a multi-lingual global workforce
  • Prevent over- or under-staffing issues
  • Track attendance and implement processes that help increase morale and profitability
  • Empower workers to access information and influence scheduling

The Right Tools at the Right Time

Workforce management requires a comprehensive, integrated suite of tools. Partner with us. When you do, you’ll get employee scheduling, attendance, leave management and activity tracking that’s fully integrated with time and attendance tracking. Now you can proactively help control labor costs, increase productivity, improve compliance and enhance revenue opportunities. You’ll be able to:

  • Optimize the productivity of your workforce by scheduling based on skills, certifications, seniority, availability, preference, hours worked and other criteria
  • Discourage absenteeism through attendance points or occurrence tracking and automated distribution of written warnings
  • Simplify leave eligibility determination and trigger notifications when required documents are due from the employee
  • Outsource time and tracking, and reap numerous strategic and practical benefits, with our HR BPO solution

Information You Need When You Need It

There’s so much to keep track of, and so many ways to track. Access time cards via a mobile device. Review schedule coverage before approving a time off request. See a summary of employees who are approaching overtime. No matter what you’re tracking, ADP’s time and attendance solution helps your organization to make better decisions based on timely, accurate labor data.



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