Employee time clocks

Traditional employee time clocks are a thing of the past. Experience new methods of time collection that seamlessly connect to your ADP payroll solution, improving accuracy and saving you time.

Capture time your way with ADP timekeeping solutions

ADP’s flexible timekeeping solutions are designed to evolve as workforces and the way people work continue to change.

  • ADP® Kiosk

    Mounted device built specifically for ADP products

  • ADP® Time Kiosk App

    Turns a shared tablet into a timekeeping device

  • ADP Mobile Solutions

    On-the-go clocking actions and more

Why choose ADP timekeeping solutions?

ADP timekeeping solutions present a familiar, yet more accurate and secure, way to collect time, backed by trusted support.

Improve timekeeping accuracy

Eliminate tedious data entry, paper timesheets and the need to import time files. ADP timekeeping solutions track data in real time – whether employees are clocking in and out for work or meals, or transferring their time between departments, locations or jobs. This information is then sent directly to your ADP payroll management system, helping reduce errors and saving you time.

Enhanced identification measures

Biometric authentication, available with ADP Kiosk and ADP Time Kiosk app, can help ensure that your employees are clocking in for themselves and not other team members. Both offer facial recognition technology with liveness detection, which scans multiple angles of the face, as well as an optional fingerprint scanner. Either method can help prevent time theft, improve data integrity and reduce payroll costs associated with inflated or inaccurate punches.

Time collection you won’t have to think twice about

ADP Kiosk is built specifically for ADP products and backed by ADP support, which means you never have to worry about compatibility or maintenance issues again. What’s more, the device is always plugged in, so there’s no need to change the batteries, and because it operates offline, employees can log their hours even if an Internet connection is unavailable.

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Which timekeeping solution is right for you?

ADP Kiosk

Mounted device always connected to power and on

Built specifically to run and support ADP solutions

Biometric login options include facial recognition and finger scanner



ADP Time Kiosk app

Downloaded onto a shared tablet

Flexibility to use a tablet of your choice (iPad and Android)

Biometric login options include facial recognition and finger scanner; voice commands also optional*

*Voice commands available on iOS devices

Employee time clock FAQs

What is time clock software?

Time clock software, or an employee time clock app, is designed to turn a mobile device or tablet into an online timekeeping device. It gives you the user experience of a more traditional time clock, but with less maintenance and updates.

What is a biometric time clock?

A biometric time clock or timekeeping device uses unique body traits, like a face or fingerprint, to identify individuals. This technology helps prevent time theft by making it more difficult for people to clock in for others.

How can you use employee timekeeping devices for a small business?

Timekeeping devices, including time clocks and time clock apps, can help small businesses automate employee time tracking, saving them time and resources. When integrated with payroll solutions, timekeeping devices also make pay calculations easier and more accurate because all the attendance data lives within the same system.

Can you integrate payroll and HR systems with timekeeping solutions?

Some timekeeping devices are capable of integrating with payroll and HR systems. ADP Kiosk and the ADP Time Kiosk App, for instance, send employee time data directly to the employer’s ADP payroll system, which eliminates duplicate data entry and helps improve payroll accuracy.

How do I monitor employee timekeeping?

Timekeeping solutions often have a number of different features to ensure that people are clocking in for themselves and at the right locations. For example, ADP timekeeping solutions offer biometric logins to confirm someone’s identity, as well as location tracking, which allows employees to clock in only from certain areas or IP addresses.

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