Ventana Research, part of ISG, named ADP the Overall Leader and an Exemplary Leader for Workforce Management Basics. The basics buyers guide focuses on the foundational elements of Workforce Management such as timekeeping and scheduling.

This research is a distillation of over a year of market and product research efforts by the Ventana team. The reports are structured to provide an overview of areas commonly covered in the RFP process to provide an independent perspective from a market expert during the buying process. ADP is ranked the overall leader. Ventana evaluates vendors on two axes – Product Experience and Customer Experience.

Ventana Noted ADP Strengths:

  • In the customer experience axis ADP is the overall leader due to commitment and dedication to customer needs. The #1 in the market ranking for customer experience was driven by scoring the highest in TCO/ROI due to the breadth of resources available to potential customers to identify benefits and create a business case for the product.
  • In the product category for suites, ADP is rated a leader for the capability of the product and for the adaptability of the product. ADP is recognized for its ability to promote scalability and performance.


In the competitive landscape of workforce management solutions, ADP stands out for their exceptional customer experience. Recognized by Ventana Research as a leader in both Workforce Management and Payroll, they offer not just a product, but a partnership that promises and delivers substantial value and return on investment.

Matthew Brown, HCM Research Director, Ventana Research, part of iSG