Help Automate the Employment and Income Verification Process, Reduce Risk and Help Avoid Extra Costs

With the ADP SmartComplianceSM Employment Verification module

As consumers, your employees initiate processes that require you to respond to outside employment and income verification requests. Applying for a loan, credit card, lease or government assistance are just a few occasions in life in which employees may ask you to verify their employment or income. A number of concerns associated with employment and income verification arise for employers who need to:

  • Be sure proper procedures are being followed
  • Track the true identity of who is requesting
  • Verify the caller has a permissible purpose
  • Respond appropriately, accurately and promptly

Your employees, however, are counting on you to respond to employment and income verifications to meet their needs, but your process to fulfill these requests securely and accurately can place your employees’ information at risk.

Simplify the employment and income verification process.

ADP offers verification services powered by The Work Number® to provide automated employment and income verifications online or by telephone.

Give your employees quick and easy access to employment and income verification.

ADP is a leader in automated employment and income verifications, with over 30% of the nation’s workforce on the employment verification service.

More Information about Verification Services

The Employment Verification module helps facilitate automated employment and income verifications. This service offers a secure, Web-based solution that helps relieve administrative functions within your organization’s HR department when employees need qualification support for events such as buying a home or seeking financial aid.

ADP can also validate eligibility requests from social service, immigration, and Workers’ Compensation agencies.