ADP Onboarding

Empower your new talent to hit the ground running

Unlocking the full potential of your new hires not only elevates employee enthusiasm—it dramatically accelerates the success of your business. Employee engagement is critical as soon as your new employees say “yes” to their job offers, when they are envisioning how they will fit into their new organization.

Yet only 19% of HR professionals feel their organization executes onboarding extremely well today.1

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This assessment suggests the typical onboarding process deserves an imaginative shake-up. 

Built to Showcase Your Culture

ADP Onboarding tackles head-on the overwhelming industry standard of treating onboarding as a recruitment afterthought. For truly forward thinking businesses, finding talent is just the beginning. Engaging new talent in ways like never before is the new necessity.

We will help you and your team get ahead of the curve by engaging and informing employees before their first day. This creates important connections between your new employees, their managers, and their teams that are critical to productivity and retention.

More than 50% of companies either have no formal onboarding solution or use a home-grown solution that has not been built for the competitive digital age.2

The ADP advantage

With ADP Employee Onboarding your new employees will experience a smooth and informative ramp-up that is streamlined, intuitive, and best of all – actually engaging. Built to serve a broad array of industries and organizations, ADP Onboarding simplifies and streamlines the paperwork completion process that too often stalls employee momentum to help them get more quickly to value contribution. Rather than find themselves swallowed in a swamp of documentation, they will have the option of meeting their coworkers, their managers, and their colleagues, all before their work begins.

The result unlocks a smoother, more simplified, and more successful work-flow—one that allows both you and your new hires to breathe easily and shine brightly.

  • Accelerate time-to-contribution when employees feel welcomed, comfortable and connected before day one
  • Experience smooth, seamless and automated information flow from onboarding to your HCM system
  • Engage employees while maximizing compliance

1 Source: ADP® Onboarding Study, 2015
2 Source: Onboarding Software Solutions, Bersin by Deloitte, October 2014