Better data provides relevant, actionable insight. That’s why we created ADP DataCloud - to equip HR professionals with a powerful tool that delivers workforce analytics, so they no longer have to make important decisions based on gut instinct alone. With clean and easy to understand data, users can present insights, trends and patterns clearly and concisely.

With ADP DataCloud, I was able to build a more strategic relationship with our leadership team. Our CEO, like most executives, appreciates data and statistics. He’s always known ADP for its payroll expertise, so he was excited we had a strategic tool available to us.

Suzanne Harris, Vice President – HR


  • Needing a strategic approach to attract and retain talent, determining competitive compensation levels and strengthening DE&I initiatives.

How ADP helped

  • ADP DataCloud’s benchmarking dataset allows today’s payroll and HR professional to quickly earn the trust and credibility of their leadership team when making data-driven recommendations.

On showing the strategic value of HR

Shannon Carson: My HR team is poised as a strategic partner and ADP DataCloud is the tool that helped us get there. When board members gather to focus on strategic planning, ADP DataCloud’s analytics module helps them make well-informed decisions, using a data-driven approach. HR is now finally seen as a consultant and collaborator because we’re able to present recommendations backed by actual data.

On making real-time decisions and reporting

Delta Mitchum: Before ADP, it could take days to pull reports. There was just one individual who knew how, and if he wasn’t available, we couldn’t get them. Simply put, the reporting wasn’t user friendly, not like what we have now. With ADP DataCloud, important information is accessed immediately, allowing me to help my wide range of stakeholders: from senior leaders to people managers and even vendors. Additionally, I can easily configure how reports are displayed, highlighting data that’s important to me, rather than being stuck with a format that was given to me.

On intelligent recruitment

Ariel Sanchez: Our executives encourage hiring managers to participate throughout the entire hiring process. It’s easy with ADP DataCloud. Managers are well supported with completed job descriptions identifying pay grades and compensation, job requirements, payroll tiers and more.

In DE&I initiatives

Suzanne Harris: NexusTek operates in a male-dominated industry. ADP DataCloud helps us set, measure and meet our DE&I strategy and goals, ensuring we are continuously moving the needle in an upward direction. It’s so easy to see this data with the ADP DataCloud DE&I dashboard. You can very quickly assess exactly where you are at any given time.

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