Wrapped N Love’s trained aides provide home care services from cleaning and cooking to bathing, grooming and feeding. Founder Latifah Bolds was satisfied with Gusto until she discovered that many of her employees spent payday wondering when their deposits would arrive.

ADP customer service is phenomenal, which made it easy to switch from Gusto and learn the new system.

Latifah Bolds, Founder
Wrapped N Love Home Care


  • A previous payroll vendor couldn’t guarantee payments until late on payday and employees were receiving payments at different times throughout the day

How ADP helped

  • RUN Powered by ADP helps ensure her employees are getting paid accurately and on-time. And with the addition of great customer service, ADP has helped to quickly provide answers when needed.

Gusto deposits came late

After we had been with Gusto for a while, one of my employees called after noon on payday to let me know they hadn’t gotten their money yet. I called Gusto to find out what was going on, and they said they don’t guarantee payment until 5 p.m. on payday. I asked my other employees about this, and it turned out that they had been receiving their pay at all different times of the day. I was always so careful to do payroll on Tuesday so my people would get paid first thing on Friday, but some were still waiting until 5 p.m. to get their deposits.

With ADP, everyone gets paid on time

I have a friend who runs another home care company, and she told me about ADP and how much they offer. I made the switch, and now when I run my payroll on Tuesday, my employees get paid on Wednesday — first thing in the morning! It’s made my employees very happy.

ADP offers great customer service

ADP customer service is phenomenal, which made it easy to switch from Gusto and learn the new system. Anytime I had questions, they were there to give me answers.

ADP makes it easy to keep my employees happy

Our staff’s happiness matters a lot, and with ADP, I can offer them more to keep them happy. But right now, the most important thing is knowing my people don’t have to wonder when their deposits will arrive. That’s the whole point of payroll — making sure everyone gets paid on time.

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