The Citizen Science Lab is a nonprofit, hands-on biotech laboratory that lets students try everything from DNA fingerprinting to robotics and 3D printing. It also offers free classes to minority students, who are underrepresented in the sciences. Despite working with a non-profit budget, the lab’s administrators knew they would need help with payroll and time and attendance.

When you’re running a nonprofit, every dollar counts. But there were only three of us when we started, so we didn’t have the capacity to manage payroll and taxes ourselves, nor did we really want to. We wanted to focus on programming, get this organization up and running and develop a good reputation in the community.

I had used ADP in some of my work as an administrator before I went to grad school, and I knew how much value they provided. We really didn’t even think about not using ADP. The platform is really easy for us to use, and that helps streamline things for us so we can focus on our mission rather than spend a lot of time dealing with payroll. Doing it ourselves or hiring someone just to do payroll would have been cost-prohibitive.

Andre Samuel, The Citizen Science Lab

Dr. Andre Samuel, Proprietor
The Citizen Science Lab

Business Challenge: Executing payroll and tracking employee hours without busting a non-profit budget. How ADP Helped: RUN Powered by ADP® and ADP® Time and Attendance help the company save money by letting staff focus on running the business