In 2018, when Rachel Wallach and Carin Ferdowsian decided to open a veterinary clinic, they took a page from the mainstream medical market and launched their city’s first urgent-care clinic for pets. No appointments, no upselling and no hospital-sized bills. Six months later, they had a thriving business — and barely enough time to focus on the hundreds of dogs and cats (and the occasional chinchilla) who relied on them for help.

We’re working to create a family and a community of like-minded individuals who love animals the way we love animals. ADP helps free up our time and energy that we would be spending on payroll and HR and allows us to put it toward the things that we are passionate about.

Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care

Rachel Wallach and Carin Ferdowsian, Owners
Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care


  • Two first-time business owners trying to provide payroll and HR services to growing staff without sacrificing patient care.

How ADP helped:

  • RUN Powered by ADP® provided reliable service and peace of mind.