Filling urgent gaps, addressing tactical needs or merging new acquisitions can lead a growing organization into a jungle of disconnected systems, piles of conflicting data and a crowded portfolio of vendors. That’s why all kinds of large organizations turn to ADP® to streamline their environment — without sacrificing deep practitioner capabilities or forgoing unique workflows. Discover how multiple sites, diverse workforces and demanding practitioners can all rely on a single comprehensive solution to bring clarity, efficiency and simplicity to all areas of workforce management.

It is amazing that we can hold close to 10,000 active employees in one database and cover everything needed for compliance. Between HR, benefits, payroll — I love that we all use one system and have access to the same information.

Mariya Zheleznyak, Payroll Specialist
Gatehouse Media

Challenge enterprise clients faced:

  • Using separate, disparate systems to manage their workforce and house employee data

How ADP helped:

  • Provided a one-stop shop for all things HCM with ADP Vantage