Automating the most taxing of processes is something every practitioner is becoming familiar with, but exactly what and how remains a struggle, particularly when it comes to most back office work. Heather Satterley, EA, MSI had been in the business of advising other firms on their own processes and needs through her firm Satterley Training & Consulting LLC. But this noble task also required that she was up on the latest tools and practices; ones she can trust will get the job done in the best possible way. Read more on her story of how she found ADP’s Accountant Connect platform worked best for these purposes and also made it a part of her own, recently launched bookkeeping practice.

Not only do firms get to choose the type of relationship they want to have with ADP, they also get tools that change the game for a smaller firm.

Heather Satterley

Heather Satterley, Owner/Founder
Satterley Training & Consulting LLC