You've chosen a tech-forward enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider with Workday, but have you also considered a compliance solutions partner? Maintaining human capital management (HCM)-related compliance with ever-changing legislation is a complex undertaking. New regulatory demands arise frequently and the window for compliance is sometimes short. Not only do requirements change often, but they also vary widely, depending on the states and localities in which you operate.

HCM-related compliance solutions that integrate with ERPs can help your organization:

  • Support compliance and minimize risks
  • Maintain control over administrative and strategic functions, such as onboarding, payroll and applicant tracking
  • Reduce the burdens of payroll tax filing, wage payments, wage garnishments, tax credits and other activities that are not core to your business

Why choose an ADP SmartCompliance Workday integration

ADP SmartCompliance uses API integrations that connect directly to your Workday system, essentially eliminating the manual labor and spreadsheets associated with batch data file transfers.

With an ADP-Workday integration, you may be assured of the following benefits:

  • As Workday evolves and upgrades its system, ADP will be in lockstep with any changes.
  • We have specially trained system integrators (SIs) who understand how to complete an API integration quickly and with little effort on your part.
  • ADP integrations scale with your business as it changes and grows.
  • Our integrations preserve your data and keep it clean, so you don’t have to manually manipulate it to integrate with back-end compliance engines.
  • ADP works hand in hand with Workday to develop integrations and has the most badged integrations of any Workday partner.
  • Legislative changes are built into ADP’s post-payroll service offerings without burdening the Workday system.
  • Your IT department won’t need to manage integrations and can focus on business operations and other critical tasks instead.