Responsible for one of the heaviest and most complicated Amazon routes in Chicago, delivering roughly 300 packages per truck, per day, Tina Kehagias doesn’t have time for complicated payroll systems. Read about her experience with Paycom and why improved technology and first-class customer service brought her back to ADP.

ADP’s 24/7 support team is invaluable

BTK Rush

Tina Kehagias, Owner
BTK Rush Headquarters


  • Lack of integrated payroll, scheduling and reporting tools
  • Inconvenient customer service options

How ADP helped

  • Robust, built-in reporting to help stay compliant with Amazon DSP program policies
  • Convenient 24/7/365 customer service support

Returning to ADP

ADP reached out about their technology advances. They gave me a demo on timecard punch edits available through the app. I wasn’t happy with the choice I’d made in Paycom. I said, “Let’s do it. Let’s go back”. With ADP customer service, I get several follow ups, which I now appreciate because I don’t have to chase after the answer. ADP comes to me to make sure my issue is resolved. Now, these issues aren’t another task on my list that I have to make a phone call and figure out if it was resolved. I know ADP will call and follow up with me until the issue is resolved.

On ADP’s customized reporting

ADP makes it a lot easier to create customized reports when I need to put data together. I print out reports every day to keep my eye on daily overtime hours, and that really is a dollar savings on the administrative side. ADP gives me a bird's eye view of what's going to come out of our bank account, a summary of our overtime, PTO, sick time, everything.

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