David Harper has devoted 45 years to the 7-Eleven franchise. As franchisees, Harper and his wife have managed two 7-Eleven stores in Colorado Springs, CO for the past 16 years. Prior to that, Harper worked at 7-Eleven corporate for 29 years. It’s hard to imagine anyone can offer the perspective, or experience, Harper brings to the table. “ADP stands out for several reasons,” Harper says. “Customer service is great. Not every company always gets everything perfect. However, if ADP doesn’t have an answer for you, they get one for you right away. Listen in below to hear how 7-Eleven franchisees benefit from ADP.

The employees at ADP, they genuinely care for you and work with you. We are so thankful 7-Eleven could support us in finding the right payroll provider for us.

David Harper, Franchisee


  • Reduce costs and mitigate some of the risks associated with compliance challenges for their franchisees

How ADP helped

  • A payroll bundle that included tax filing and relevant HR services, such as a handbook wizard and a dedicated client service team