NelsonHall Named ADP a Leader for HCM in their Next Generation HCM Technology NEAT 2023 report for both the Mid/Large and SMB market segments. The NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) identifies vendors that are Leaders, High Achievers, Innovators or Major Players. Leaders are vendors that exhibit both a high ability to deliver immediate benefit and high capability to meet future requirements.

ADP Strengths Highlighted in the Research:

  • Offers a portfolio of AI and ML-based cloud-native full-suite HCM technology platforms, that is mobile-first by design, and integrated across modules with the ability to offer a range of targeted solutions across each market segment, including multinational corporations.
  • Offers a highly mature portfolio of extended digital HCM solutions to complement and enhance its HCM technology and HR services offerings, including ADP DataCloud, ADP Marketplace, ADP Wisely, and ADP Voice of the Employee.
  • Able to provide a full suite of complementary HR outsourcing services and solutions, providing buyers of all sizes a one-stop shop to support their HCM needs. It is supported by one of the most mature digitally-enabled payroll services offerings in the marketplace through a suite of next-generation digital capabilities.
  • A solid commitment to innovation, supported by leadership vision and a defined roadmap with steady investments in HCM solutions focused on bringing to market next-generation HCM capabilities and digital enablers with AI/ML, predictive analytics and benchmarking.
  • Provides one of the most robust HCM data warehouses, drawn from across its ˜1m client organizations through its ADP DataCloud solution, supplying clients with actionable HR and payroll insights for proactive decision support and benchmarking.
  • Open HCM approach through the ADP Marketplace has opened access to developers, system integrators, and other HRM applications, providing clients access to a broad range of service providers beyond ADP’s solutions to meet specific client needs.

Here’s a quote from the lead analyst:

"NelsonHall has identified ADP as an HCM technology Leader in the SMB and Mid/Large markets. Through its sizable investments and focus on innovation, ADP has introduced next-generation HCM solutions that extensively leverage its ADP DataCloud technology and machine learning to deliver intelligent and personalized content for employees and managers within the flow of work, aligning its platform capabilities to support the continuously evolving workplace." – DeeAnna Warrington, HR Technology & Services Principal Industry Analyst at NelsonHall.

NEAT Evaluation: Next Generation HCM Technology (Mid-Large Market Focus)

NEAT Evaluation: Next Generation HCM Technology (SMB Market Focus)

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