NelsonHall named ADP® a Leader in their Next Generation HCM Technology NEAT 2021 report for both the small business and mid/large market segments. The NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) identifies vendors that are Leaders, High Achievers, Innovators or Major Players and analyzes their ability to deliver immediate benefits and meet their clients’ future requirements.

Here’s a quote from the lead analyst:

“ADP’s focus and steady investments in recent years have quickly advanced its HCM technology offering and capability and market perception as more than a payroll provider. Through its sizable investments, ADP has made substantial progress in advancing its HCM technology offering, introducing multiple next-generation solutions in line with its vision and brand focus of ‘Always designing for people’ and aligning its platform capabilities to support the continuously evolving workplace.”

— NelsonHall Next Generation HCM Technology NEAT 2021 report

ADP was recognized for:

  • Offering a portfolio of maturing cloud-native HCM technology platforms
  • Offering extended digital HCM solutions to complement and enhance its HCM technology and HR services offerings, including ADP DataCloud, ADP Mobile and ADP Virtual Assistant
  • ADP Marketplace, which offers open access to developers, system integrators and other HRM providers to integrate their services and solutions
  • The ability to provide a full suite of complementary HR outsourcing services and solutions, providing buyers of all sizes a one-stop shop to support their HCM needs
  • A strong commitment to innovation, supported by leadership vision, and a defined roadmap with steady investments in HCM solutions, focused on bringing to market next-generation HCM capabilities and digital enablers

NelsonHall NEAT Leader 2021: Next Generation HCM Technology

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