Are you looking for your company’s next game-changing innovation? Automation and cloud technology can help transform your operations, drive growth and position you to meet unexpected challenges. The following are three of the most common challenges facing businesses today and ways to overcome them with digital solutions:

Business challenge #1: Legacy labor models

A large, fixed-cost workforce limits financial flexibility and responsiveness to customer and market opportunities. While this model may help with control and oversight, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities to increase efficiency, streamline operations and save time.

Game-changing solution: Shift to a mosaic of labor

Scaling up or down where necessary with gig workers enables you to meet demands swiftly without increasing overhead. Virtual labor pools and other technology advancements that connect contingent workers with hiring managers can make such a mosaic of labor possible.

Business challenge #2: Fragmented processes

Siloed approaches to compliance, data, hiring, workforce management and billing mean processes are fragmented amongst the teams that specialize in each workstream. This leads to reduced data output, reporting and visibility across your organization and encourages business units to operate independently rather than collaboratively.

Game-changing solution: Implement technology and automate

Having all aspects of workforce management seamlessly integrated through automation allows for greater consistency, compliance and visibility. Automation can be applied to everything from identifying qualified labor, conducting background checks, and engaging and managing workers to rating and paying for performance.

Business challenge #3: Competitive threats

Companies are competing for the same business and the same staff and newcomers are looking to displace incumbents by any means necessary. To gain a competitive edge, you need to retain talent, manage crises and expedite work – all of which drains corporate resources.

Game-changing solution: Embrace staffing innovation and technology

Making sure your internal operations are integrated so you can access essential data and scalable so you can put the right people into the right job when needed ultimately frees you to pursue innovation. Technology that increases efficiency may also allow you to take on more customers.