The journey from transactional to transformational organizations

Navigating the workforce management journey is a process requiring careful consideration. Tools and technology are important parts of the modern HR organization, but organizations need to evolve their workforce management capabilities to support operational and transformational business performance.

In June 2019, a survey conducted by m.Research found that organizations today are acutely aware of the need to attract and retain employees with the key skills required by their business, particularly among their leadership ranks. Yet with uncertainty now being the only remaining certainty in the global economic marketplace, organizations are struggling to balance this need with cost controls and compliance.

The top 5 Workforce Management concerns according to the study* are:

  1. Time and labor analytics
  2. Enhancing employee and manager self-service
  3. Controlling overtime costs
  4. Better integration between core HR, pay and talent
  5. Payroll accuracy
Download the study to learn more about how these concerns are being addressed by leveraging the strengths of new technology and platforms. The workforce management transformation has begun!

*Source: m.Research, Workforce Management 2019, n=503