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As a financial advisor, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing 401(k) products and solutions for your clients. Let us make your decision easier. ADP ACCESS retirement plan solutions com-bine a flexible investment platform with scalable administrative services and support to meet the unique needs of you and your clients. With more than 750 dedicated Retirement Services associates and 45,000 retirement clients1, ADP has the experience and expertise to help you grow your retirement plan business into a strategic and successful ongoing source of revenue that provides true benefits to your clients.

Why Choose ADP for Retirement Plan Services?

Nearly 1.5 million people2 rely on ADP to help them plan for a successful and secure retirement. For 25 years, we’ve provided advisors, representing companies of all sizes, with the tools, services and access they need to help their clients implement successful 401(k) plans that make their employees retirement ready. In short, you get:

Support throughout the journey

With our 401(k) retirement plan solutions, you and your clients benefit from an exceptional service team, smart tools that simplify plan administration and a variety of investment choices. Our innovative technology solutions blended with plan features help guide your clients’ employees toward a single goal: getting ready for retirement.

Easy to manage 401(k) plans

ADP offers our joint payroll and retirement services recordkeeping clients SMARTSyncSM – an intelligent, fully integrated solution that saves your clients time and reduces risk by automating multiple plan administration tasks so your clients spend less time pushing papers and more time making strategic business decisions.

Objective investment solutions

We offer an investment approach that is flexible, objective and unbiased. Looking to create a custom fund lineup? We offer thousands of investments from more than 300 leading investment managers. Perhaps your clients prefer to use one of our fiduciary service solutions that reduce litigation risks as-sociated with investment selection and monitoring. We have strong business relationships with expe-rienced firms to map out a route to investment success for you clients.

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“Offering a 401 (k) benefit plan does help us to recruit better talent and retain the best people.”*

Diane Schroer
Controller, Flotech, ADP Retirement Services Client

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  • Retirement Planning - Benefits Admin


    Retirement Planning Benefits Create a Win-Win for Businesses and their Employees

    Data indicates that young workers are thinking about retirement even if they’re not sure how to plan for it. This creates an opportunity for savvy employers to offer retirement planning education as part of their benefits package to enhance their reputation as an “employer of choice".  

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    The Retirement Savings Paradigm: Factors Influencing Saving

    This new study delves deeply into aggregated, anonymous payroll data, highlighting retirement savings insights and opportunities for employers, benefits administrators, retirement advisors, and others to help increase the retirement savings rate of U.S. employees.  

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    Retirement Readiness Benefits May Help Businesses to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

    Research suggests that providing a retirement benefit adds to a company’s competitive marketability, giving the employer a distinct edge in the race to recruit and retain top talent. This advantage will become increasingly valuable as more Baby Boomers retire, and fewer younger workers are available to fill their positions.  

  • ADP National Employment Report


    ADP National Employment Report®

    See a monthly snapshot of U.S. nonfarm private sector employment based on actual transactional payroll data.

  • Calculators


    Healthcare Calculator Tool

    Determine your potential tax credit under the health care Act with our exclusive health care calculator.

  • Calculators


    401(k) Planner

    A calculator to help you clients’ employees determine the value of their money in the future based on their current paycheck and 401(k) numbers.

  • Calculators


    Asset Allocation Profiler

    Determine the best asset allocation for your clients with this simple but powerful survey.

  • Calculators


    Borrowing from a 401(k)

    Calculate the effect of borrow against a 401Kk) plan on the future value of a retirement account balance.

  • Calculators


    Choosing an Annual Withdrawal Rate

    Help your clients map out their employees’ retirement income plan by calculating how different withdrawal rates will impact annual income and portfolio balance.

  • Calculators


    401(k) Contribution Calculator

    Determine the best asset allocation for your clients with this simple but powerful survey.

  • Employee Education Materials Catalog


    Education Materials Catalog

    Catalog of employee education materials available

  • Sample Retirement Paycheck Report


    Sample Retirement Paycheck Report

    Share this report to help employees understand how much they need to save to meet their retirement goals.

  • Ongoing Education Presentation


    Ongoing Education Presentation

    This reference guide provides the latest detailed rates and schedules for depreciation of various assets as of February 2015.

  • Targeted Postcards


    Targeted Postcards

    Millers with a range of topics for plan sponsors to target their employees based on age and behavior.

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    Sample Education Strategy

    A sample strategy to help plan sponsors remedy typical plan issues and employee behaviors.

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    Five Truths Every Investor Needs to Know

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    Using ERISA Accounts to Help Manage Fee-related Fiduciary Responsibilities

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1 Source: ADP Retirement Services, June 30, 2014.

2 Source: ADP Retirement Services data as of June 30, 2014.

* Not all clients will experience the same results.  ADP has not compensated any clients or individuals for the included testimonials.

ADP, LLC and its affiliates do not offer investment, financial, tax or legal advice or management services. For its retirement plan recordkeeping customers, ADP agrees to act as a nondiscretionary recordkeeper performing ministerial functions at the direction of the plan sponsor and/or plan administrator. Accordingly, ADP does not serve in a fiduciary capacity to any of the retirement plans for which it provides recordkeeping services. ADP also does not serve as an investment advisor or manager to any of the retirement plans for which it provides recordkeeping services. Nothing in these materials is intended to be, nor should be construed as, advice or a recommendation for a particular situation or plan. Please consult with your own advisors for such advice.

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