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At ADP, innovation is in our roots, having pioneered HR outsourcing and payroll processing. Today, we are investing in a new breed of Human Capital Management innovation that we think of as "invention" – real, practical innovation that positively affects millions of people every day.

ADP Innovation

ADP Innovation

Innovation is the force that moves us forward. See how quickly things are changing.

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ADP DataCloud:
Unparalleled workforce insight for your business.

How can your workforce become a more strategic asset? Where are wages increasing most quickly for critical jobs? The business questions can be answered through insight from ADP's living, updated data to help you make better decisions.
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See how ADP is demystifying data science for innovation:

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ADP DataCloud

ADP Marketplace:
A new way to extend the value of ADP solutions.

ADP Marketplace is a new app store for ADP business partners and third-party app developers to create and deliver apps for companies to extend the value of ADP solutions. This new marketplace allows ADP partners to access ADP APIs to create and sell new solutions for each company’s most important assets – its people.

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ADP Marketplace

APIs for easy integration across:
• 35 million employees
• 700,000 clients

The new ADP® experience:
Designed for how employees want to
manage their HR data.

The new ADP experience

A reimagined ADP experience, designed for how you want to work. At ADP, we've spent thousands of hours studying how employees, managers and practitioners want to work with HR systems and are redesigning our HCM solutions into engaging, consumer-grade experiences, from being hired through managing pay, work schedule, benefit choices and careers – those moments that matter in everyone's life.

See the new ADP experience in action:

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ADP® Innovation:
How we think and work.

Connect@ADP on Innovation
Learn how we are thinking about the future of Human
Capital Management.
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Connect@ADP Blog

ADP Innovation Labs
Learn how we are reinventing HCM through client
collaboration and outside-in-thinking.
The ADP Innovation Labs

ADP Innovation Labs