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Real expertise. Real support. The real deal.

Working with the nation’s largest PEO doesn’t just mean increased buying power for world-class benefits — it also means always-on, expert support that acts as an extension of your own team.

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Our ESAC accreditation and IRS certification are proof we always do things the right way.

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The combined buying power of 725k employees gives you industry-leading benefits.

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With 75 years of unmatched HR & payroll experience, we’re ready to guide you through anything.

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Get personalized support and guidance from your HR business partner, the go-to HR expert assigned to your business.

Welcome to the next level of HR support

A dedicated HR pro — just for you

Our 75 years have taught us many things, but chief among them: Better service for clients results in better outcomes for their business. That's why you'll have a direct line to your dedicated HR expert, who knows your business inside and out.

Our team is always here for your team

We’re here to provide a more supportive experience for your employees, too. ADP MyLife Advisors answer challenging questions and personally walk your people through the ins and outs of tricky topics such as paid leave or adding a dependent to benefits. And they do it with remarkable efficiency and success:

  • 89% first-call resolution rate
  • 90% client satisfaction rating
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I trust the team we have in place, and their knowledge was so vast compared to the other PEOs we considered. When it comes to responsiveness, they’re unparalleled. I haven’t seen anything like it.

Tony Reid Director of Human Resources, , JMT Consulting

With ADP TotalSource, you get big-business benefits with small-business attention

We’re using our strength for good by empowering small and midsized businesses across the country to do more, every day, in the areas that matters most.

Hiring and onboarding

Take the stress out of hiring with a team of recruiters at your service, and make onboarding easy with ADP’s top-rated mobile app handling all your HR ‘paperwork’.

Compliance expertise plus shared liability

As a PEO client, your compliance risk is shared by ADP, keeping you better protected than you would be on your own.

30% more time back in your day

Clients who use our PEO report that they save 30% more time — allowing them to go where their business needs them most.

The nation’s largest PEO means more possibilities for your business


In essence, a relatively small organization like MUD gains access to Fortune-500 company benefits. It’s a comprehensive solution and at a significant cost savings.

Cindy Jacuk Controller and CFO, Make-Up Designory

Tech designed to make a difference — no matter how you do business


In the past, I would have to access as many as 10 different websites to accomplish what I needed to. Now, the inclusiveness of TotalSource allows me to find everything I need — payroll, HR, insurance, training — all in one platform

Lindsey Tyler Human Resources and Accounting Manager, Worldwide Technologies

Tailor TotalSource to your unique needs

Every business and every industry has its own demands and ways of doing things — yours is no different. That’s why TotalSource gives you the option to integrate with hundreds of leading business apps across industries, and even create custom APIs if and when you need them.

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