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From easy plan management and unbiased investment choices to fiduciary services, simple plan setup and time-saving efficiencies, you can leverage benefits that make a difference with our retirement plan solutions.

ADP® Retirement Services Capabilities

See how ADP® can help you create a retirement plan that is smart and easy for your business. We have no investment bias.

ADP Mobile App

Watch our video to see how the ADP Mobile App can help employees unlock the full potential of your retirement savings plan.

ADP is transforming the way people save for retirement

ADP is helping participants get retirement ready by putting meaningful tools in your employees hands so they can plan for retirement at their convenience. With a mobile enrollment experience that allows participants to enroll anytime, anywhere and features like the MyADP Retirement Snapshot calculator that allows participants to obtain an estimate of their retirement savings through a series of personalized questions, and targeted messaging that pushes important information to participants, we are always designing for you and your employees.

Choose the fund option you want, from unbiased investment choices

Making the best possible investment choices for your plan is critical to its success. Whether your advisor is providing investment advisory services or you are considering hiring a third party for this support, ADP can accommodate your plan needs. And as an independent record keeper, we have no investment bias or hidden agenda.

Control risk with advisory services

When you sponsor a retirement plan, your company is responsible for the investment selection and monitoring associated with your plan — and that's more than most small (1-49 employees) or midsized (50-999 employees) companies want to take on, especially since one in three retirement plans have been audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Department of Labor (DOL). 1

ADP can help you reduce this “investment fiduciary burden”:

  • For plans working with an advisor, Mesirow Financial offers co-fiduciary or investment manager services, depending on the support needed. 2
  • For plans not working with an advisor, ADP's affiliate, ADP Strategic Plan Services, LLC, is available. 3

Get flexible plan design and easy setup

Whether you are looking to establish a new retirement plan or move your plan to ADP, we can help you design a plan that meets the needs of your workforce and answers questions like:

  • At what age should my employees be eligible to participate in the plan?
  • How long should employees work for me before qualifying to join the plan?
  • Should my employees have access to a third-party online investment advisory service?
  • Is a Safe Harbor plan a good choice for my company?
  • Should the plan offer employees a Roth 401(k) option?
  • Would my employees benefit from automatic enrollment?

And when it comes to implementation, we make it easy, with a specialized ADP manager to help ensure the process runs smoothly.

ADP® Retirement Services Implementation

See how as a plan administrator you’ll have access to smart, flexible technology and tools, as well as an experienced, responsive team.

Gain efficiencies with SMARTSync® Comprehensive Plan Automation

If you're already an ADP payroll client, you'll gain efficiency with seamless integration between ADP's payroll and ADP's 401(k) plan record-keeping systems. SMARTSync:

  • Eliminates the manual data entry associated with many plan administration tasks. ADP commissioned Retirement Insights, LLC to examine how plan sponsors value integration. Survey respondents reported an 86 percent time savings through the integration process.4
  • Means less work and less compliance risk with preset programming that manages tasks and checks for errors, delivering greater data accuracy. The majority of survey respondents said integrating services reduced their compliance concerns.5

SMARTSync Comprehensive Plan Automation continuously shares critical plan data between ADP payroll and ADP retirement plan record-keeping systems, where data is checked for accuracy and potential errors are flagged.

SMARTSync integrates with certain ADP payroll and all-in-one HR solutions, including RUN Powered by ADP® and ADP Workforce Now®.

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