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Looking for up-to-date tax and compliance resources? Find what you need in ADP's repository of facts, forms, and tools. Filled with the most sought-after tax-related information, the Toolbox is available from the convenience of your home or office—any time of the day or night. The Right Tool For the Job.

Client Setup Resource

This resource will assist you with the jurisdiction requirements needed for client setup.

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Local Tax Locator

The Local Tax Locator will provide you with the most up-to-date codes and percentages needed to set up your employees.

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Payroll and Compliance Glossary

Definitions of tax-related terms, industry-specific vocabulary and concepts.

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Federal Taxes

Up-to-date Federal Tax information.

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Forms Download

Copies of current unemployment, withholding, IRS, ADP, and other forms.

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Federal deposit and payroll calendars.

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Timely insights on a host of payroll taxation and reporting issues that can affect the way you manage your payroll, employee benefits, and business.

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Payroll Resources

Resources to help with your payroll-related issues and help you report timely and accurately.

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State Taxes

Charts and tables containing wage and tax rules, limits, and rates for each state.

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Vital Connections

Organizations that specialize in payroll, tax, and compliance-related issues.

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