The Business Case for Full-Service Payroll & HR

6 reasons it pays to integrate and outsource employee management

When it’s done right, payroll connects seamlessly to all the employee management processes that it touches: time and attendance, benefits administration, retirement, insurance and more. We call it Full-Service Payroll & HR. Put it all together – the right technology and the best expertise behind it – and you’re on your way to being in the best shape possible to grow a business and cultivate a culture that can handle whatever comes next. You can take outsourcing as far as you need – up to a co-employment arrangement, when your outsourcing partner acts as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), taking on responsibility for employment responsibilities like benefits, payroll, insurance, training, and more.

This ebook is designed to show you how you get returns on your investment connected services like these, so you can figure out which option could your business.