So, you think your business is too small for an employee handbook? Think again!

So, you think your business is too small for an employee handbook or to offer direct deposit to your employees? Think again!

Many small business owners use the size of their company as an excuse from certain responsibilities or to prevent them from offering great benefits. That’s why we created the Small Business Myth Busters eBook. Inside you’ll find topics like:

Myth 1: Money is the only effective way to motivate employees to improve performance

Myth 2: I do not have to pay employees who access work e-mail on their mobile device after they have clocked out for the day

Myth 3: Paper paychecks are for small businesses; direct deposits are for big companies

Myth 4: As a small business owner, I do not have to pay interns who receive credit from their school

Myth 5: All employers must provide final pay to employees on their last day on the job

Myth 6: A business is not required to pay prospective candidates for working interviews

Myth 7: Small businesses don’t need workers’ compensation insurance

Myth 8: My business is too small to need an employee handbook