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ADP ToolBox – 24 hour access to the most sought-after tax-related information. A warehouse of helpful facts, forms & tools.

Advisor Online - ADP's quarterly client newsletter.

Labor Law Posters - To avoid potential fines, you need to display the current mandatory labor law notices. ADP offers a convenient service that allows our clients to receive labor law posters and automatic updating and shipment of new posters whenever mandatory changes occur in labor law posting requirements.

ACA FAQs for Small Businesses – The complexity of the Affordable Care Act raises many questions, especially about compliance requirements for small business owners. ADP is pleased to provide FAQs to help you understand what the ACA means to businesses with fewer than 49 employees. View the FAQs.

ACA: Employee Notices of Coverage Options - The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to provide a notice to current employees with information regarding their coverage options, including information on the Exchange by October 1, 2013, and to each new employee at the time of hire, or no later than within 14 days of an employee's start date. ADP® is pleased to inform you that we have numerous tools, resources, and products available to help you comply with the ACA, including a copy of the Employer Notice of Coverage Options letter you can send to your employees.

Sample letters that can be edited with your company's specific information are available below. Choose the appropriate letter based on whether you currently offer insurance coverage to your employees and, if so, what type.

Employer Notice of Coverage Options (for employers who offer health plans)
Employer Notice of Coverage Options (for employers who offer health plans – with additional detail)
Employer Notice of Coverage Options (for employers who do not offer a health plan)

Have you considered....?

TotalPay – ADP debits the total cost of your payroll from your bank account, issues paychecks and direct deposits from an ADP account, and handles all paycheck reconciliation for you.

Time and Labor Management – A web-hosted time and attendance system that utilizes the Internet to automate time and attendance while allowing you to maintain flexibility and control.