Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Culture

Entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of what makes your organization a true contender in your industry. As a startup, you used innovation, persistence, and ingenuity to break down barriers. Now, as your company grows, you need to be proactive to keep that entrepreneurial culture alive.

  • Say No to Silos: As your company grows, so will the need for teams dedicated to key functions such as R&D and IT. Resisting silos between such teams is important to foster collaborative thinking.
  • Hire Right From the Start: Before hiring new talent, take inventory of the traits that make your top performers who they are. Ensure a right cultural fit from the very start to help avoid disruption to your business in the future.
  • Create a Supportive Environment: Having the right people in the right place is just the beginning. A supportive environment is also important to promote entrepreneurship.
  • Take Regular "Temperature Checks": Once practices that promote entrepreneurship are in place, regularly monitor and measure progress. Make the most of your findings by sharing them with your teams.

As a leader, nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship starts with you. To stay ahead of the competition, keep employees’ creative juices flowing with calculated efforts to promote teamwork, innovation, and ingenuity.

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