Looking to Score New Talent? Follow the NFL Playbook

In the National Football League®, the teams that are the best talent evaluators are generally the ones that win the most games. With the talent race heating up, the need to proactively seek out the top talent in your industry is more critical than ever. Take a lesson from the NFL’s proven recruitment model to help your business build the best team possible.

Recruiting specialists divide potential candidates into two groups:

  • Active applicants: These individuals are actively seeking new opportunities. They may or may not currently be in the workforce.
  • Passive applicants: These candidates have jobs and are generally not looking for a new position, or are just casually looking. Even if they aren’t actively searching for a new employer, many are open to learning about new opportunities.

To turn passive applicants into new hires consider these tips:

  • Stay Social and Go Mobile: Maintaining a presence on job websites, such as Indeed® and CareerBuilder®, plus social networks like LinkedIn®, Twitter® and Facebook®, is essential.
  • Polish Your Brand: No matter how large or small the company, new talent is attracted to your talent brand and your corporate brand. Your talent brand is your image as a good place to work.
  • Be Open to the Non-Traditional: A traditional resume can tell you a great deal about a candidate’s past experience, but not a lot about their personality. Video resumes are on the rise and some organizations are requesting them as part of the screening process.

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