Recruiting Talent: The Small Business Advantage

Recruiting Talent: The Small Business Advantage

While many people look to large international companies for jobs, the reality is that small businesses can offer equal – if not more compelling – opportunities. The secret is knowing the advantages your small business offers and communicating those advantages so you can hire the talent you need.

Making different better

To promote your company’s advantages to a potential employee, you first need to understand the attraction of a larger company. Sure, they offer great benefits and competitive pay – but you offer that too, right? And while large companies can offer brand-name recognition and opportunities for growth, it’s also easy to get pigeonholed in a position or area. What’s more, opportunities to move and broaden skills can come slowly.

Small businesses can offer employees important advantages they won’t find in a larger organization, including:

Less bureaucracy

Small companies typically have a flat organizational structure, offering a closer working relationship between leadership and employees. This can be an important selling point for many recruits, who might rarely interact with leadership in larger organizations.

Did you know? Professionals under the age of 40 are 61%* more likely to connect job consideration with employer brand

Broader job responsibilities

In a large company, most jobs are specialized. But in a small company, jobs often have broader responsibilities, and that offers employees the opportunity to build a wider array of skills.

Opportunity for job growth

If your company is growing quickly, the right recruit can realize tremendous job growth. That’s something larger companies can’t typically offer.

Added flexibility

Small businesses are often more open to creating flexible work arrangements to meet an employee’s needs. Telecommuting one day a week or flexible work hours are easier for a small business to accommodate. This feature can be extremely attractive to potential employees

Work – with a family feel

A small business often treats its employees like family. This can be very appealing to a potential employee, especially millennials, who are in the 20–37 age group. Younger employees want to work for companies that value their well-being as a person, not just as an employee.

These advantages can be very important to the right job applicant, so don’t discount their importance in selling your company and the job to a potential employee.

Your brand matters

While every small business may have a logo, your company’s brand is what sells your business to customers and potential employees. Consider this: millennials are now the largest employee population, and for them, brand matters – whether it’s the clothes they buy, the technology they carry, or the company they work for. They view brands as an extension of who they are and what they care about. As you look to millennials for talent, consider not just your external company brand, but also your internal employee brand – that is, what your company offers employees in four key areas:1

  • Rewards – This isn’t just competitive pay and benefits, it’s also how your company provides recognition to employees. For younger workers, this is important.
  • Opportunity – How does your company help employees succeed?
  • Leadership – How do you support employees in their work and in their life?
  • Culture – What are your company’s values? Younger employees want to work for a company whose values align with their own. As a small business, this can be a key competitive edge.

Consider what your company’s brand, your employee brand, and your business can offer a new recruit. To a potential employee, your company’s brand and your employee brand should tie together into an appealing package. Whatever you do, make sure it’s authentic. Today’s consumers and workforce will look elsewhere if they perceive that a company doesn’t back up its words with action. Younger employees want to work for a company whose values align with their own.

The small business advantage

Every small business offers unique employment opportunities, and those opportunities can be more appealing than what larger corporations can offer. Understanding your advantages and communicating them clearly during the interview process can help you attract the right person for your business and compete with much larger companies for talent.

ADP® is in your corner

Good things come in small packages. While working for a small company has real advantages, it can be difficult to figure out how to package your company to attract the talent that fits your unique needs. ADP’s recruitment specialists can help promote who you are and what makes you unique in order to find the candidates that are the best match for your organization.

1The Futures Company, Live Spotlight Presentation, The Future of the Workplace – Evolving the Next Generation of Workers.

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