Do I Have to Pay My Employees for That?

Employers are often surprised to find out that under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employees must be compensated for all hours worked. While the concept seems simple on the surface, there are several traps for the unwary.

Here are eight of the most common traps:

Unauthorized Overtime After-Hours Work
Training Time Lactation Breaks
Working Interviews

Unauthorized Break Extensions Compensating Travel
Waiting Time

The FLSA can be confusing and has far-reaching implications. Employers need to account for all time worked and ensure that employees are paid in accordance with the FLSA. Finally, many states and local jurisdictions have their own minimum wage and overtime laws. Some businesses may also want to seek help from HR and employment law experts as they navigate the complexity of these laws.

ADP® is in your corner

ADP can provide a host of materials to help guide you on how to properly compensate employees according to wage and hour laws.

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