OK, I Get It, Data Security is Important for My Small Business … So What Do I Do?

During the past year, large-scale data breaches once again captured the public’s attention. But data breaches and legal obligations to safeguard data do not affect only the Fortune 500®. In fact, small- and mid-sized businesses may be more likely targets for a data breach than larger organizations. That's because small- and mid-sized companies often have significant amounts of personal data and adopt similar technologies and practices (BYOD/devices, cloud, remote workers, reliance on vendors, etc.) as larger companies.

Many of the challenges to safeguarding sensitive personal and other critical information can be addressed by developing and implementing a comprehensive written information security program, or WISP. A WISP is set of integrated policies and procedures that establishes administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that apply across an organization. Maintaining a WISP can better position a company to:

  • Protect its business
  • Defend claims and governmental inquiries related to a data breach and compliance
  • Avoid whistleblower claims from employees who claim the company is not doing enough to safeguard data, and even provide a competitive advantage in some cases.

To speak with an ADP Representative about data security strategies for your organization please call 1-800-447-3237.

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