Accelerate Your Journey Toward World-Class Performance

Today's HR environment requires new approaches to HR operations, specifically the ability to work as a proactive, collaborative business partner. Yet most HR functions focus on processing transactions rather than enabling employee growth and increasing strategic value. Only a few organizations have achieved world-class HR functions.

Is your HR team more transactional or more strategic?

Digital technologies are changing HR

World-class HR functions have a quantifiable advantage:

  • They spend 25% less and require 30% fewer staff than the typical group.
  • Sixty percent more world-class HR organizations have leaders involved in processes tying together business and people strategies.
  • Over 70% more are proactively engaged by company leadership to partner on strategic business opportunities.

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What does world class look like?

ADP’s proven expertise, process excellence and technology innovation, together with The Hackett Group’s unparalleled knowledge base of HCM best practices, benchmarking metrics and business intelligence, will help set your course toward achieving your business objectives.

Our best practices program will help inform and validate your HCM strategy through third-party perspectives, research and expertise. You’ll:

  • Measure performance through exclusive access to the largest database of HCM performance metrics and best practices
  • Accelerate results through expert guidance, tools and guides to put best practices to work
  • Know when you’ve reached each objective and identify areas to address next

How do we help you get there?

Building and delivering an effective HCM strategy requires a strong partnership. With ADP featuring The Hackett Group’s benchmarking tool – gaining access to best practice guides and strategic support will guide you in optimizing your workforce and delivering sustainable business impact.

Let us show you how you can define your path to world class and provide the trusted support to help you get there, faster.

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