Why Paradies Shops Chose ADP for Human Capital Management

An airport retailer with 550 stores in 76 different airports distributed over US and Canada. We spoke with Leigh Stallings, Director of Human Resources. "The reason why we chose ADP as the right solution for our situation was because first and foremost, the systems talk to each other. They were integrated, and there was a smooth transition of information from one system to another which allowed us to become more effective from the administrative standpoint. Additionally, it was their service model. The service model that ADP provides, is one of the best that I've ever experienced where you have somebody that's dedicated to your company and they know your company, they know our history, they also know what is important to us and what our goals and objectives are, and they help to work through that, and make themselves available whenever we need them.

Leigh Stallings , Director of HR Administration , Paradies Shops