Wage Payment Solutions to Help Close your HCM-related Compliance Gaps and Reduce Costs

With the ADP SmartCompliance Wage Payments module.

You struggle with increasing cost and complexity of paper-based wage payments and statements, but it can be difficult to achieve high adoption rates of electronic payroll and wage statement methods.

You deal with:

  • Inadequate resources to implement paperless pay, including pay card, online statement and other payment options
  • Managing change in many departments with different requirements
  • Providing service to employees who may have different payment requirements

These challenges stand between you and your lowest payroll costs. To overcome them, you need to:

Implement and Execute Electronic Pay
Seamlessly add electronic payroll solutions to your in-house payroll system without interrupting your current process.

  • ADP® electronic payments experience
  • Pay card, online statement and the payment options that you need
  • Integration with ERP / payroll systems and process
  • Dedicated service and integration teams
  • Happier employees who are saving money and time

Help Eliminate Involvement of Multiple Departments
Help reduce complexity by helping to free HR, IT, Treasury, Accounting and other departments from managing multiple tasks while increasing electronic pay options.

  • Single file solution
  • Flexible electronic payroll disbursement options: direct deposit and pay card
  • Single vendor for all payment methods

Give Underserved Employees More Options
Help meet the needs of your employees so that electronic pay options become more viable and desirable while keeping things simple for your staff.

  • Flexible payroll disbursement options
  • Electronic pay card as one option for employees without traditional banking relationships
  • The ALINE Card by ADP® pay card provides surcharge-free ATM transactions, a mobile app and many other features

More information on the Wage Payments module

The Wage Payments module, featuring ALINE Pay by ADP®, is a single-source electronic wage payment solution for businesses that want to move their employees toward 100 percent electronic pay and helps reduce the cost and operational inefficiencies of payroll administration:

  • Designed to assist with your employment-related payment compliance in all 50-states
  • Innovative wage funding and distribution solution
  • Flexible payment disbursement options
  • Available electronic payment and W2 statements
  • Alternative pay statement options include online, mobile, IVR and available print-on-demand devices
  • Instant payment ability
  • Employee self-serve functionality

How ALINE Pay by ADP may benefit your business

Single solution – One reliable resource with a single file process can help reduce the burden of managing multiple vendor processes and contingencies.

Increased efficiency – When you increase electronic pay adoption, your payroll department can focus more on strategic tasks.

Cost savings – Electronic wage payment solution can help eliminate printing and distribution expenses:

  • Top performers in electronic payroll distribution achieved a 90 percent distribution rate at a cost per employee of $41
  • Companies with electronic payroll distribution of only 76 percent had a cost per employee of $84
  • Companies with high employee participation in electronic payroll can cut their payroll processing costs by 50 percent.1,2

How ALINE Pay by ADP may benefit your employees

Flexible payroll disbursement options

ALINE Pay by ADP helps you pay employees using a combination of:

  • Full-service direct deposit
  • ALINE Card by ADP® pay card
  • ALINE Check by ADP®
  • ALINE Instant TIPS by GratSyncTM

These payment methods are best in class and provide accuracy, reliability and help to ensure that your employees will be paid on time, every time. And when your employees choose direct deposit or the ALINE Card, your payroll disbursement becomes totally electronic. You’ll likely save costs associated with multiple bank fees and vendor files by using our single file containing your bank, wage statement and card enrollment data (optional).

Direct Deposit – Direct deposit eliminates the need for paper checks by electronically depositing payroll funds directly into your employees’ bank accounts. You’ll likely save time and cost by eliminating the need to prepare and reconcile checks in-house. — Direct deposit eliminates the need for paper checks by electronically depositing payroll funds directly into your employees’ bank accounts. You’ll likely save time and cost by eliminating the need to prepare and reconcile checks in-house.

ALINE Card by ADP pay card – When employees choose the ALINE Card by ADP, funds are electronically loaded onto a network-branded pay card so that they can access their money immediately on payday. There’s no credit approval and no banking relationship needed to get an ALINE Card. Once they have funds on their ALINE Card, employees can conduct certain transactions surcharge free. As an example, subject to the fee schedule, the ALINE Card allows an employee to:

  • Withdraw cash from surcharge-free ATMs
  • Get cash back at the point of sale with no additional fees
  • Make purchases and make regular bill payments with no fees
  • Access important information using the free ADP Mobile Solutions app
  • Customize their ALINE Card

ALINE Check by ADP – As a component of the ALINE Pay electronic payment solution, employees also have the option to use the new ALINE Check, a self issued payroll check that does not require the activation or use of an ALINE Card, to receive their payroll funds.

Instant TIPS by GratSyncTM - offers employers and employees a secure alternative to cash payments. This real-time solution reduces the time it takes to pay TIPS, ensures accurate payments and integrates seamlessly with clients' point of sale system.

The ALINE Card and ALINE Check are especially attractive to businesses with employees who cannot or do not have a banking relationship. Here are just a few reasons why employees may welcome this payday option:

Reduces fees – Employees may be paying high fees to purchase money orders to pay bills every month, expenses they could save by using the online bill payment feature of an ALINE Card.

Saves time – Once they receive their paycheck, they may have to run around to different places and wait in line to cash it or purchase money orders or pay bills, a burden that’s removed if the employee elects an ALINE Card.

Provides more freedom – With the ALINE Card and direct deposit, employees know that their money is automatically deposited and they can access the funds immediately.

Paycheck Ease – With the ALINE Check, the employee has checks in hand and is not required to show up to a particular location on payday to receive their wages by paper check.

Convenience – With ADP’s ALINE Pay electronic pay solution, through any method of wage payment (direct deposit, ALINE Card or ALINE Check), employees do not have to worry about how they’ll get their pay if the employee is out sick, on vacation or traveling, or during inclement weather.

ALINE Pay by ADP helps your business move to electronic pay with more options and hands-on help

ALINE Pay includes key components that assist in easing the move to electronic pay for your business and your employees:

myALINE – a comprehensive tool that provides online access to pay statement, year-end statements such as W2s and 1099s and ALINE Card enrollment and account information.

1 The Hackett Group, Payroll Performance Study, 2009.
2 Payroll Association, Workforce Management and Payroll Performance Studies, 2010.