Wage Payment Solutions to Help Close your HCM-related Compliance Gaps and Reduce Costs

With the ADP SmartCompliance Wage Payments module.

You struggle with increasing cost and complexity of paper-based wage payments and statements, but it can be difficult to achieve high adoption rates of electronic payroll and wage statement methods.

You deal with:

  • Inadequate resources to implement paperless pay, including pay card, online statement and other payment options
  • Managing change in many departments with different requirements
  • Providing service to employees who may have different payment requirements

These challenges stand between you and your lowest payroll costs. To overcome them, you need to:

Implement and Execute Electronic Pay
Seamlessly add electronic payroll solutions to your in-house payroll system without interrupting your current process.

  • ADP® electronic payments experience
  • Pay card, online statement and the payment options that you need
  • Integration with ERP / payroll systems and process
  • Dedicated service and integration teams
  • Happier employees who are saving money and time

Help Eliminate Involvement of Multiple Departments
Help reduce complexity by helping to free HR, IT, Treasury, Accounting and other departments from managing multiple tasks while increasing electronic pay options.

  • Single file solution
  • Flexible electronic payroll disbursement options: direct deposit and pay card
  • Single vendor for all payment methods

Give Underserved Employees More Options
Help meet the needs of your employees so that electronic pay options become more viable and desirable while keeping things simple for your staff.

  • Flexible payroll disbursement options
  • Electronic pay card as one option for employees without traditional banking relationships
  • The Wisely Pay by ADP® paycard provides surcharge-free ATM transactions, a mobile app and many other features
  • Direct Deposit – Direct deposit eliminates the need for paper checks by electronically depositing payroll funds directly into your employees’ bank accounts

More information on the Wage Payments module

The Wage Payments module, featuring Wisely Pay by ADP paycard, is a single-source electronic wage payment solution for businesses that want to move their employees toward 100 percent electronic pay and helps reduce the cost and operational inefficiencies of payroll administration:

  • Designed to assist with your employment-related payment compliance in all 50-states
  • Innovative wage funding and distribution solution
  • Flexible payment disbursement options
  • Available electronic payment and W2 statements
  • Alternative pay statement options include online, mobile, IVR and available print-on-demand devices
  • Instant payment ability
  • Employee self-serve functionality

Introducing Wisely Pay by ADP paycard. The latest advancement in the future of pay

Benefits for your business

  • Control over the entire cardholder experience and each transaction, on a wholly-owned proprietary paycard processing platform
  • Efficiency from streamlined payments and cardholder management, meaning little administrative burden for your payroll team
  • Compliance Fully electronic pay helps keep you in compliance with federal and state regulations in 50 states
  • Wisely check by ADP with no requirement for paycard enrollment*

Features of the Wisely paycard

  • Easy access to funds across a broad network of fee-free ATM’s, banks, and point of sale cash back1
  • On-line and in-store purchases and mobile payments with Apple®, Android®, and Samsung® Pay where available
  • On-line & mobile account management; family member cards with separate balances; and card-to-card transfers2
  • Ability to add additional funding sources such as tax refunds, child support payments and military pension

For widespread adoption of a paycard that helps enable your compliance nationwide, trust Wisely by ADP® for easy deployment in your organization, efficient administration by your team, and broad appeal to your employees.

*Wisely Check by ADP is only available as part of the fully-electronic solution
1 The number of surcharge-free ($0) transactions may be limited. Please refer to your Wisely paycard Card Fee Schedule. Payroll card accounts are FDIC insured (up to maximum limits), protected by Reg E, and Visa or MasterCard Zero Liability Policies.
2 Additional validation is required.