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Large Business Payroll Systems:
A Smarter Approach

What issues are you facing with your payroll systems right now? Time and Labor law compliance? Technology integration issues? Whatever challenge you’ve got, as a leader in global payroll outsourcing1, we’ve seen it before.

ADP named Payroll BPO Leader - 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant

ADP has been solving payroll system issues for over 60 years. We combine the flexibility and usability of cloud-based payroll software with service and support from a highly trained, dedicated team of global payroll experts.

Turbocharge Your Business

Looking to turbocharge your Human Capital Management efforts? We’ll show you how your payroll system can be a catalyst for business transformation. Yes, we said “payroll.” How? By harnessing your payroll data and functions to:

  • Simplify HR with secure, cloud-based software
  • Enable better reporting and analysis
  • Help lower costs through reductions in effort, errors and redundant data entry
  • Assist with optimizing workforce planning and talent management
  • Tie in to other back end services like tax filing and banking
  • Help improve compliance and lower risks and penalties associated with Health Care Reform and other legislative requirements

Sound good? Here’s what’s even better: you set the pace. You tell us what you need. Start with payroll as a standalone service, then add more Human Capital Management solutions if your business needs change. Or go another step farther with your HCM strategy, by adding our HR BPO solution to help you better predict, measure and accelerate HCM results.

1 Everest Group PEAK Matrix: Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing, 2012



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